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We normally have a list of clients who have booked their appointments with us in advance; however, we also accept emergency treatments and walk-in patients. Our services are open and cater to all. As much as possible, we want to make sure that our treatments are accessible to all.

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An hour of massage relieves the body of pressure and pain which makes you feel relaxed, light and removes the feeling of tiredness. To have a massage after a long day is such a satisfying experience. Did you know that massage therapy is considered a part of CAM or complementary alternative medicine? Some studies show that apart from taking traditional treatments, having a massage session makes the recovery process more effective and less stressful. But what exactly is massage therapy? Here are the things you need to know before setting an appointment with Massage Therapy Salem.


Massage happens when therapists rub, press, or manipulate soft tissues and muscles in your body using their hands, arms, elbows, or sometimes, even their feet. People use massage for many reasons; to reduce stress, relieve pain, increase relaxation, rehabilitate muscle-related injuries, and aid general wellness.

There are many types of massage therapy. One popular type is the deep tissue massage which uses pressure, kneading, and deep, circular motion. This massage type is more commonly used in Southeast Asia which started as an alternative to acupuncture. The similarity of the two is that they both focus on the pressure points of the body. Once pressure is released from these points, it will make the body more loose thus, the feeling of relaxation. This massage type also focuses on the myofascial trigger points or muscle knots that are painful when pressed. These muscle knots are often a symptom of another area of the body that needs attention. Another type is sports massage which is mainly done for athletes to help with sports-related injury and avoid having one. Athletes get massage therapy to prevent injuries by loosening up tight muscles which makes for better movement once they participate in their sporting event.


Massage therapists are not just for relaxation and wellness. They base their treatment on scientific studies which is why they follow a process before giving treatment. They always ask their patients about symptoms, medical history, the location of the pain, pressure preference, and what they want to achieve after the therapy. If the patient does not have any idea about their precise condition, our therapist would give them massage therapy that is focused on wellness instead.

Massage Therapy Salem makes sure that all the treatment happens in a no-stress environment. It reinforces the therapy that aims to give the patient a more relaxed feeling in their body.

When the therapy begins, expect the therapist to apply lotion or oil to the part of your body where the massage would be done to avoid friction that may cause pain or burns on your skin. It would be advisable to tell the therapist if you are allergic to certain things that may be included in the oil or lotion to be used. A massage therapy session may take an hour or longer, but some sessions are shorter. These time durations depend on the patient’s need as well as the required duration for the treatment. After the therapy session, the patient would be given time to relax and get used to how their body feels at the moment.


If you would like to know more about massage therapy and Massage Therapy Salem’s services, feel free to call us today. Save yourself from the misery of enduring your body pain. We guarantee you relief, comfort, and better well-being. Call us today!

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