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How Chiropractor Salem OR Works?

We normally have a list of clients who have booked their appointments with us in advance; however, we also accept emergency treatments and walk-in patients. Our services are open and cater to all. As much as possible, we want to make sure that our treatments are accessible to all.

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Decompression for Back at decompression therapy Salem

Our chiropractors in decompression therapy Salem include spinal decompression for the back, a painless treatment that provides for lying on a spinal decompression table. You'll be asked to lie down flat on your back. A belt will be fastened around your waist that is connected to a pulley system.

The computer system will then be programmed with your treatment parameters, and your treatment will begin. You can experience some gentle stretching during the operation, but it should not be unpleasant or painful.

The gentle pull is intended to generate negative pressure within your spine, gently stretching your vertebrae. Your disks and nerve roots will be relieved of strain as a result of the stretching.

Relief from Disc Pain in the Spine

Disc bulges slipped disks, and disc herniations are all known to cause shooting pain down the spine, back, legs, and arms. If you've tried chiropractic treatment but still aren't getting the results you want, our spinal decompression therapy will help you reverse gravity's painful effects.

Patients with sciatica, facet joint syndrome, disk herniation, degenerative disc disorder, and other spinal injuries have found that spinal decompression provides excellent relief.

Constant pressure on the spinal disc will prevent a fresh supply of blood and oxygen, resulting in annular compromise and nuclear material extrusion.

Our non-surgical treatment using gentle spinal traction will also offer a greater range of motion for patients at high risk for back surgery.

Decompression therapy Salem will help you feel better right now.

It doesn't matter if your pain is new or has been with you for years; it's time you started feeling stronger, pain-free, and appreciating everything and everyone in your life now and in the future.

We can develop a personalized treatment plan supervised by our highly qualified team to relax your spine using the latest computer technology gently. This produces a vacuum-like effect, which can help with disc pain and any pain induced by pressure on the spinal nerves.

It's time to talk to the experts at Decompression therapy Salem if you're suffering from spinal pain that's limiting your mobility and making it difficult to perform daily tasks.

Call us today to set up an appointment to see if decompression therapy will help you with your back pain.

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